Past Screenings

Past Screenings


Toast [3] NAB User Party
April 7, 2003 - Las Vegas NV
Photos courtesy of Proton

Genius Director Alan Chan with Newtek Lightwave Evangelist William "Proton" Vaughan Filmmaker Extraordinaire Alan Chan with Newtek Lightwave guy Jack "Deuce" Bennett 12 Hot Women in fantabulistic Double-D Vision! Alan in his typical power position  in the back of the room


Industry Giants 2003 - Visual Storytelling Conference
June 7, 2003 - Plano, TX
Alan reveals the secrets and details behind the making of 12HW!

A Bunch of Short Guys and DAWGUA presents Industry Giants 2003 Alan Chan says "Go forth and make movies!" Revealing scheduling and planning secrets used to produce 12HW Storyboards - IMPORTANT

On a panel with ReelFX's Ramahan Faulk, John Davis (director of "Jimmy Neutron"), Kevin Johnson of Sony Imageworks, and Jean Eric Henault of This guy shows up for all the screenings! What the???


Spirit 10 Showcase - Dallas Cast & Crew Premiere
June 7, 2003 - Dallas, TX
Premiere and mixer presided over by hot women!

Jason Bagley, Alan Chan and Jeff Howard all dressed up to partay Auteur Director Alan Chan (right) with uber weapons master Toby Thomas Alan Chan, Jason Bagley, Breanna Jarvis and Jeff Howard flank the 12HW poster Agent March and pool babe Eryn Brooke hangs with Producer Breanna Jarvis

Breanna with Terrorist #1 Brent Elliot A full bar waiting for the 12HW premiere screening Brought to you by the lovely Magnolia Theater in Dallas, TX Auteur Director Alan with Auteur Newtek Evangelist William Vaughan

Alan and Breanna discuss hot women with legal eagle Cherry Hearn Some of the beautiful people at the Dallas screening


On Location
June 2003 - El Quelite/Mazatlan, Mexico
On location directing Farfromgruvin Productions' indie feature "American Lion"

El establisho shoto of the idyllic town of El Quelite (near Mazatlan), Mexico, where most of principal photography took place Directoro Alano Chano going over framing with DP Matthew Daniger Shooting a fight sequence in the El Quelite bullring American Lion Mexico cast & crew


Hawaii International Film Festival
October 30 - November 9, 2003 - Honolulu, HI
12HW screens at the 23rd annual HIFF! Due to production duties, however, Director Alan Chan was only able to attend the festival from 11/1 to 11/4..


Alan enjoying the balcony view of Waikiki Beach Yeah, our LA beaches are as clear as these.. The Dole Cannery Theaters where a good portion of the HIFF screenings were held Director's POV of the crowd during a Q&A session following the screening

Fellow HIFF filmmakers! Seven Oh Five Crew posing to impress the 12 Hot Women who will eventually see this photo. Alan, Jason, Ryan and Doan after the Lo-FI screening

Wild on Waikiki Beach! Wild on Waikiki Beach 2!


Location Scouting with badass martial arts stunt fighter Jaime Abregana - at the Pali Lookout Point Watch out for falling rocks! Sunset By The Beach screens "Whale Rider" on Sunday evening to a crowd of thousands


Gordon Biersch - Sunset at the end of the pier Gordon Biersch hosting the Meet The Delegates beer bash

705's Roman Cortez interviews yours truly Joy Bisco, star of "The Debut", in town to promote the DVD release Tracy Tubera (L) and Roman Cortez (R) videotaping a serious interview with the director of 12 Hot Women

Alan and badass HIFF Program Coordinator Konrad Ng Hi, I didn't quite get your name, Ms. Pediatrician.. Sherrie, Alan, James and Mr. I'm-Sorry-I-didn't-get-your-name


*sniff* Time to go home.. Sunrise over Honolulu on departure Coming in to land at LAX


Interbee 2003
November 20, 2003 - Japan
Sneak screening by Omega Janitor William "Proton" Vaughan!

Interbee 2003 Interbee 2003 Interbee 2003 Interbee 2003


Newport Beach Film Festival 2004
April 15-25, 2004 - Newport Beach, CA
Yeah, we know - just one measly pic. We got busy. Phfft.

Newport Beach Film Festival 2004