Agent April: Laurie Walton

Agent April

After growing up a huge ham in front of the camera and doing some time in theater, Laurie decided to pursue the acting bug for real.

"About three years ago I sent off some pictures, got an agent and immediately started working in commercials," says Laurie. A year or so after that, Laurie crossed over into independent film, and got the opportunity to work behind the camera as well. "I think this is a must for actors, to understand every aspect of your craft. In my opinion we as actors have the easy job. We show up, makeup and hair, get spoiled by everyone, deliver lines, and hurry up and wait. If you think this is bad, spend one day as a crew member. These women and men bust their asses more than some actors will ever know!"

Laurie has a carefree, easygoing personality and dreams of vacationing off the waters orf Dyer Island in South Africa with a 15ft great white and a VERY sturdy shark cage.