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January 2009 has gone TU! For your viewing pleasure we've now Flashencoded this masterpiece at various resolutions all the way up to HD (not for the faint of heart or bandwidth challenged..

Cheap Standard Web Resolution
Somewhat Better Upper Class Resolution
Kickass humongonous HD Resolution!

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April 2007

12 Hot Women is now viewable online at!

Watch 12HW now!!!>

And yes, we are aware that we haven't updated the site much lately. Frankly, we're just tired of hot women now (yeah, that's it). Our Senior Janitor been working on a whole new ballgame..

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June 2004

It is an honor to announce that "12 Hot Women" has been selected to screen as part of the 5th HDFEST tour - the world's only high-definition film festival. As part of the tour schedule, "12 Hot Women" will screen in cities such as Los Angeles, New York, Miami, London and in Finland over the course of the next six months.

Best of all, however, is the fact that this means that "12 Hot Women" will screen the way it was always meant to be screened - in full glorious HiDef! No longer will you have to squint to see all these hot women in fuzzy Standard Definition - now you can ogle at these secret agents in total clarity!

The first HDFEST screening will be taking place in Los Angeles on July 12th & 13th - we will post further updates as the date nears. Until then, please report any suspicious activity to your local Omega agent. Keep up the good fight!

HDFEST 2004 website!!!>

March 2004

We've just recently been informed that 12 Hot Women will be screening at the Newport Beach Film Festival in beautiful Newport Beach, CA! The festival runs April 15th through the 25th, and 12 Hot Women will be screening as part of the Shorts-ploitation block of shorts on the 16th (8:30pm at Edwards Island 6) and the 19th (4:00pm at Edwards Island 4).

Yours truly will attempt to attend the screening on the 16th, pending escape from a hectic production schedule on some A-list movie. See you there!

Newport Beach Film Festival website!!!>

February 2004

12 Hot Women has been accepted and will be screening at the Sedona International Film Festival! Nestled amidst the hot hot hot landscape of Arizona, a short drive north of Phoenix, SIFF will run through March 4th-7th.

A few other halfbaked 12HW announcements are in the works - keep an eye out for future announcements about hot women!

Sedona International Film Festival website!!!>

December 2003

As we near the end of our festival circuit run, print resolution images previously reserved for press purposes have been "declassified" and placed in the Downloads section for your downloading pleasure!

We have also been accepted into the next edition of the Had To Be Made Film Festival, a nationwide "online" festival where YOU get to be the judge! Details at 11.

Download Hires Pictures Now!>
Had To Be Made!!>

Omega HQ is happy to announce that we will be screening 12 Hot Women at the 2004 San Francisco Independent Film Festival next year! SFIndie will run from February 5-15,2004 in (where else) San Francisco, CA. As the schedule is announced next month, we will update and post screening times here, or check out the SFIndie site for details!

Have a great Holiday Season, everyone, and don't forget to wear your
secret agent gear to the Christmas parties!

San Francisco Indie Fest!!>

November 2003

Updated festival pics and new video interviews are online!

The latest interviews with Photographer Dan Katzenberger and Visual Effects Supervisor are online! To catch the videos, following the link below to the Video page.

October has been a very busy month for the 12HW production crew. We've screened at three festivals spread throughout the country - the Valley Film Festival in Los Angeles, the Deep Ellum Film Festival in Dallas and the Hawaii International Film Festival in Honolulu. Yours truly was able to attend the Hawaii film festival in between a hectic production schedule at work, and had an awesome experience meeting and getting to know the audience and fellow filmmakers. Ah, paradise.. Must hurry and go make the feature film so we can screen it at HIFF again!

With the conclusion of HIFF, we are almost wrapped up on our festival circuit tour - which means that within the next few months we will be releasing the short online, along with a commercial release DVD that you can buy and keep for yourself. Details on these will be announced early next year. Thanks for all your support - you ROCK!

Check out the Interviews!>
Hawaii Pictures!!>

October 2003

Rumor has it that a dastardly plan is afoot and that Omega Agents will be attending the Deep Ellum Film Festival undercover, attempting to save the world..

Meanwhile, the Head Janitor is purported to be seeking the famed Bay of Mahalo, a dangerous weapon of immense power that would destroy the fabric of spacetime if it were to ever fall into the hands of evil. His investigations will surely lead him to a small group of islands in the Pacific Rim..

August 2003

Breanna's Badass 12 Hot Women Producer Interview is now online!
See video!>

July 2003

Over the last few weeks 12 Hot Women screened in San Antonio, Minneapolis, Dahlonega and Boston to great responses. According to one of the festival organizers, "12 Hot Women got huge crowds who laughed their asses off - me being one of them."

June 2003

12 Hot Women Director Alan Chan is invited to speak at the Industry Giants 2003 Conference at the CCCCD in Plano, TX. Alan proceeds to describe in excruciating detail the technical aspects of producing and shooting a project like this instead of talking about hot women like he should be doing.
Industry Giants website>

12 Hot Women premieres in Dallas, TX with a kickass cast & crew midnight screening. Spirit 10 Producer Jeff Howard presided over the screening which was open to the public. At the bar reception following the screening, Alan and Jeff were inundated with requests (from both men AND women) to "hurry up and make the movie already!"
See the pictures!>

12 Hot Women Director's Interview posted to the Video page!
See video!>

May 2003

12 Hot Women Visual Effects Guru Eki Halkka gets interviewed by Newtek Europe about his visual effects and programming work!!
Read the Spotlight Interview>

Dan Katzenberger's "Behind The Scenes" video is now online!
Go to Video Page >

PRESS RELEASE - Alan Chan and Spirit 10 Productions announce future projects

May 19, 2003 - Alan Chan, the fantabulous, gifted genius director of "12 Hot Women" ( today announced that based on the success of the short, he has signed on to direct a new indie feature. "American Lion" will be produced by FarFromGruvin Productions and will tell the story of a man who revisits his past to avenge his brother's killing in the brutal world of Mexican deathmatches. Shooting is slated to start in Mexico and Los Angeles in the latter part of June. Alan is reportedly trying to write as many hot women into the script as he can.

In addition, Spirit 10 Productions is currently in production on their next feature project, "4 Course Meal", directed by 12 Hot Women Director of Photography Clay Liford. The film, horror-comedy with a unique twist, will be shooting in the greater Dallas metro as well as on location in Prague and Russia. Principal photography is expected to continue until the end of August.

Alan and Spirit 10 continue to pursue marketing opportunities for "12 Hot Women" as the short begins its festival circuit. "You'll be seeing a lot more hot women soon!" says Jeff Howard, president of Spirit 10 Productions.

April 2003

Photos from the NAB Toast [3] screening have been added to the Screenings page!
Go to the Screenings Page >

March 2003

Welcome to Omega Omega! The D1 resolution final is fresh off the post-production pipeline and VHS screener copies are being submitted to film festivals on an ongoing basis as we conform the HiDef resolution version of the short for eventual HD projection/ 35mm print screening. This Omega HQ page will be updated with film festival information as they become available. Alternatively, you can subscribe to our announcement mailing list to receive updates through email.

"Where Can I Watch This Masterpiece?"

As much as we would like to release the short online for all you wonderful fans, film festival submission guidelines prefer that we do not premiere the short on the internet prior to festival screenings. Therefore, we are currently only able to tease you by describing the masterful storytellling and directing genius of Alan Chan, but we can't show you the goods - yet. [Ed note: The short is now available to watch on Atomfilms!]

To support this project, catch "12 Hot Women" at your upcoming local film festival or check out our Be A Producer page for other ways you can help.

Our current release schedule indicates that we will possibly release this short on the internet by late 2003. DVD release, including behind-the-scenes production footage, will be made available if there is enough demand for it. Join our announcement mailing list or email us with your suggestions.



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