Agent March: Eryn Brooke

Agent March

Eryn was born in Waxahachie, Texas where she grew up a tomboy. She wanted to do anything and everything from dance to being the only girl to bring a wild snake to show in tell in first grade. In the elementary school plays and dance recitals whether she was cast in the lead or not she always seemed to find her way to the front. Eryn graduated high school sixth in her class, was Homecoming Queen, Cheerleader and Miss Waxahachie High School.

During her freshman year in high school, however, Eryn's life took a major turn. Her older brother Drew, who was her best friend, confidante and acting companion, was killed in a car wreck. Eryn's world turned upside down, and she spent a lot of time alone in her room. After realizing that the world was going to move on with or without her, she chose to follow her passion for acting, her brother always with her in spirit. She met thirty-year old veteran Ken Farmer, who became her teacher, mentor and coach. Armed with the experience, Eryn signed with the Campbell Agency in Dallas.

Graduating from the University of North Texas with specialties in Communication, Sociology, and Radio, Television and Film, Eryn now works for the AJ Foyt Racing Team as a spokes model. She is currently the lead in a feature production and has been in over 10 films, including "Matchstick Game", "Lycanthrope" and "TP-1" (which won first place at the Hollywood Underground Film Festival) Eryn is currently set to co-star and associate produce a four million dollar independent film entitled "Bad Moon Rising" by Handshake Films.