12HW Crew

The Crew of 12 Hot Women

Director of Photography - Clay Liford

Clay is an independent filmmaker living in Dallas, Texas. As a cinematographer, he's shot over seven feature films and countless shorts and commercials. Check out his current projects on the web at http://www.powderedbones.com and http://www.wipstudios.com.


Audio/1st AC - Lindsay Perry

Lindsay is a former news photographer for the ABC affiliate in Dallas who has recently turned his attention to Director of Photography work for independent films. His DP credits include "Stationery Games", "Price Check", "Zombie Campout", "Good Dog", " Briefcase Blues" and "The Road to Burning Man". He has also written seven feature screenplays and recently began preproduction on a Super-16 10 minute short called "Deep Nights" which is designed to run on the festival circuit.


Photographer - Dan Katzenberger

Dan Katzenberger (whose set name is affectionately "dank") is an ex-engineer turned professional photographer. Having worn out the left side of his brain as an engineer, he is now dedicating all of his time to right-brain creative efforts including photography, animation, and writing. Dan will fly anywhere in the world for the opportunity to photograph beautiful women on the film set. Dan can be reached at dan@k-usa.com.


Weapons Master - Toby Thomas

Toby grew up on a ranch in Kellogg, Texas. After graduating from High School he joined the U.S. Navy and upon being discharged became a Police Officer. He began attending college and graduated with dual Masters in Applied Physics and Computer Science, after which he was recruited by the Military Aerospace Industry into a role as a field civilian advisor for the U.S. Military's Special Operations Units. Toby spent ten years with "Black Operations" groups before retiring from field service and becoming employed by Lockheed Missiles and Fire Control systems. Toby also runs his own company to support the film industry with prop weapons, blanks, squibs and movie blood. "Hardware of the Old West" is located in Southlake, Texas and Toby can be reached at SAA45Colt@aol.com.


Makeup - Janet Harris

Janet is a professional makeup artist with over 15 years of experience and has worked on a wide variety of projects, including film, television, HD video, commercials, print and glamour. Her work can be seen at http://www.visuelleartistry.com.


Costume Design - Erika Lynne White

Erika is and up-and-coming costume designer who lives in Fort Worth with her two dogs.


Visual Effects - Eki Halkka

Visual effects were used in certain shots to enhance the scale and storyteling scope of the project. Eki Halkka is a Finnish animator and compositor with over ten years of experience in all aspects of production. Currently Eki works at AKMP Program Ltd in Helsinki. Eki is also the author of Eki's PlugPak and Eki's ModPak, plugin collections for Lightwave 3D animation software. http://www.kolumbus.fi/erkki.halkka/


Music - Chris Gill

Chris is an independent producer and musician for Smilin' Jack Records. You can check out the Smilin' Jack Universe at http://www.smilinjackrecords.com. He is very mysterious and his music will one day create world peace and foster love and harmony between all species of the Earth.


Narrator - Dave "The Voice" Adams

Dave Adams is a Los Angeles based visual fx artist working in feature film. Recently connected with Dreamworks, Rhythm & Hues and Digital Domain, he says: "A moving target is harder to hit."


Web Developer - Linda Capetillo-Cunliffe

Linda is a web developer and independent filmmaker with an unusual background. Starting out in concert production, she went on to become a neuroscience researcher, which led to work as a web developer and ultimately independent filmmaking. Linda is based in Los Angeles, California and can be reached at linda@farfromgruvin.com.


Technical Spackle Engineer - Nate Armstrong

Nate is the hard coded webhead mastermind behind the Omega agents' master plan to RULE THE WORLD! His title may be confusing, but it is the only way to really classify his unique talents - he brings to the table a complete understanding of internet culture and a creative perspective on web promotion. Through honed design skills and targeted strategies he is driven to ensure that 12HW spreads through the vastness of cyber space like a virus! Nate is located in London Ontario, Canada and can be reached at nate@itmerge.com.