Agent August: Caroline Blackwell

Agent August


Caroline's plan was simple.. to find an agent and become rich and famous, preferably overnight. To this end, she attended the Strasberg Institute in New York City for a year and worked with a private coach for another year, focusing on Method Acting and Shakespeare. But in this business, plans ALWAYS go awry. Caroline met a boy from Dallas, fell madly in love, and left the city for good.

During her first year in Dallas, Caroline landed a role in "The Last Night of Ballyhoo", which won her a "Best Featured Actress in a play" award from John Garcia’s Annual Column Awards. Her work in the play landed her an agent, and she can currently be seen as thecover model for the Nokia 8265 mobile phone. On the feature film front, Caroline has just finished up a lead role in an “Invasion of the Bodysnatchers” tribute movie called "Welcome to Nemoy". Caroline's big plan is STILL to become rich and famous overnight, so she plays theTexas lottery on a regular basis and prays a lot. Also, she has recently changed her name to Caroline Bellamy because - you guessed it - she got married to that Dallas boy.