Behind The Magic

Behind the Magic


One of the most important keys to producing a project utilizing a digital pipeline is the choice of critical software components. The software has to be open-ended and fast and most of all, be extremely responsive to the creative flow of the artist. For this project Adobe Premiere was used to edit the animatic storyboards as well as the live-action version. Adobe Photoshop was used for matte painting and additional digital paint fixes, while Newtek's Lightwave3D was used to generate the 3D CGI (computer generated imagery) required to complete some of the shots. Sonic Foundry Vegas was used for audio postprocessing and Adobe After Effects was then used to composite these effects, as well for final conform and color grading of the finished edit.

Adobe After Effects workscreens
Final Color Grading on Adobe AfterEffects Final Color Grading on Adobe AfterEffects Final Color Grading on Adobe AfterEffects

Adobe Premiere workscreens
Editing in Adobe Premiere Editing in Adobe Premiere

Newtek Lightwave 3D workscreens
CGI Helicopter in Newtek Lightwave 3D CGI Omega Headquarters in Newtek Lightwave 3D

CGI Crash Test Dummy in Newtek Lightwave 3D Supersecret plugin developed to control onscreen jiggleage

Sonic Foundry Vegas workscreen
Audio Postproduction in Sonic Foundry's Vegas