Be a Hollywood Producer

Be A Hollywood Producer



So you love the idea of a 12 Hot Women feature film? Can't wait for it to hit the multiplex near you? Wanna tell the powers-that-be that this movie MUST be made? Well now YOU TOO can be a Hollywood Producer!

Yes that's right - you too can help PRODUCE THIS MOVIE. Here's how:


i) SUPPORT INDEPENDENT FILM. The first phase of our marketing campaign includes premiering and screening our "12 Hot Women" faux movie trailer at film festivals throughout the world. Show your support by attending these festivals to catch "12 Hot Women" in action. While you're at it, you might even catch a few brainy films and enrich your mental capacity too! A list of film festivals screening "12 Hot Women" are available on the Omega HQ News and Updates page or you can subscribe to the announcement list here.

ii) SPREAD THE WORD. Tell your friends. Tell your friends to tell their friends. Be proactive - email us and tell us why you want to see this movie. Your prose will be used to create an "installed fanbase" - two words that studios and investors love to hear.

iii) BUY STUFF. Check out the 12HW Merchandise page. Buy some stuff and help add funds to the development budget. Your girlfriend needs some Omega Agent panties and you need a badass poster on your wall. Additionally, make some suggestions about what kind of Omega swag you want - we might just make it available for you.

iv) MAKE A DONATION. Make a donation to the Starving Director fund now! Your donation will be used to offset development costs and website upkeep, and after a lot of trips to Kinko's and taking endless meetings with studio executives, we may actually be given the chance to make the movie YOU want to watch! Most importantly, your donation will prove to the studio beancounters that YOU, THE AUDIENCE wants to watch this movie. Donate whatever you think is fair, and then tell us why you can't wait to see this movie!

Fine print: we will make all attempts possible to use donations and merchandise profits to assist in the development of a 12 Hot Women feature film, however we cannot guarantee that this will result in the greenlighting and production of a 12 Hot Women feature film. Donations are voluntary and cannot guarantee a listing of your name in the credits, although we would certainly do so if the heavens align and we got a great studio deal. Donations also do not guarantee attention from any of the 12 hot women, although sizable donations, good looks and a great personality will certainly give you a better chance.