What the Hell Is this About?

What the Hell Is This About?



Are you a true film buff? If you've watched your share of movies you know that filmmakers are just plain pompous. All the short films on iFilm - they're all so SERIOUS. "I am a filmmaker, I must make an auteur statement about the world that I live in. Bla bla bla bla blaaaa..."

Well, poo on them. We know what you really go to the movies for. That's right - you wanna see hot women. Who cares about a plot when you have a bevy of beautiful babes in bikinis? Who cares about the story when hot women are carrying big guns? We give you exactly what you want to see. 12 HOT WOMEN.


The idea for “12 Hot Women” came about when director Alan Chan was having lunch with a colleague. “We were railing on all those short films on the Internet - laughing about how they were all artsy and pretentious, pretending to carry some deep philosophical message,” Alan said. “ Finally I said ‘You know, if I put TWELVE HOT WOMEN in a movie, I wouldn’t need a plot!”



From the producers of such blockbuster hits as "Chicks On Trampolines" and "Swedish Bikini Girls" come veteran director extraordinaire Alan Chan's vision of a world where the the hot women aren't just supermodels, they're also SECRET AGENTS - part of the elite supersecret crimefighting organization OMEGA OMEGA. Led by the mysterious leader codenamed Agent HBL, these hot women battle injustice and fight to maintain freedom and the American Way - and they look and act hot while doing it.

Big guns! Big bazookas! Hot women! Why would you want to watch anything else?

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